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Building and Contruction

We understand the hesitation on the part of many who have been victims of rogue relatives and friends when it comes to acquiring property in Ghana. Many have lost money in the past so they tread with care and we appreciate that. We provide a one stop solution to acquiring property in Ghana without hassle, pressure or duress and that is why we offer the following services:

  • We build custom homes
  • Build at your own pace.
  • We do not restrict you and have no minimum payment to your dream home as we
    believe little drops of water makes a mighty ocean. We also facilitate mortgage and loans
    towards your project
  • You have the opportunity to view the progress of your project on the internet with your
    personal username and password. Alternatively, you can appoint a local representative to
    act on your behalf and monitor the progress of your building project

When you build with us you can be rest assured that your project is being managed by well- trained and experienced professionals. We work with highly qualified designers, engineers, product specialists and craftsmen who are dedicated to building you the highest quality homes.

It’s a reasonably safe bet that Ghana doesn’t immediately spring to mind for most property investors. However, when you look further into what Ghana has to offer, you will see that it deserves a position on anybody’s short-list. Much of the attraction comes from its tropical location and political stability that most African nations can only dream of. Much of the heritages we have inherited from our ancestors are still here to be seen. Popular examples are the castles, as well as wonderful natural attractions. The beautiful coastal lands remain mostly undeveloped. The property sector of the economy has improved drastically. The systems of buying and registering acquired property has become easy and efficient, an improvement over the past 10 years.

Development process is fast and ongoing with the entire basic infrastructure readily available. Prices remain relatively very low compared to many other countries. A three bedroom properties on a large plot can cost as little as $50,000. The inflow of expatriates and second homeowners has increased steadily over the years making the demand for property very high out weighing the supply.

New areas keep springing up, thus the price of property is constantly appreciating. For example a plot of land purchased for $3,000 in Accra five years ago is now selling on average for $8,000 - $10,000, an interest of over %200 which is better than the bank returns. Ghana is becoming increasingly popular and the prospect of development is been realized thus making the property sector very lucrative. Ghana is soon going to find herself at the top of the list. More people are investing in property and the government is empowering the private sector in that direction.


Our Properties

5 Bedroom House with swimming pool at TRASSACO VALLEY

Prime Industrial Land for sale AT TEMA (Heavy Industrial Area)

Factory for sale AT SPINTEX

5 bedroom house for sale at North Kaneshie

Three bedtoom house for sale at east legon (SOLD)